Ice cream parlour Vittorio

The good of homemade ice cream in Marina di Camerota

Gelateria Vittorio: homemade ice cream in Marina di Camerota

Gelateria Vittorio invites you to taste the best artisan ice cream of Marina di Camerota. Each flavour proposed is an enchanting combination with the territory: for our artisan gelato, in fact, we use only quality raw materials, carefully selected to create a product of excellence. Local ingredients and not only that give our gelato an inimitable taste.

We have always worked with passion and dedication, faithfully respecting the art of ice cream making that Vittorio, since he was a boy, learned and made his own to give emotions. Every day, we keep tastes and desires: yours. We are Elen and Vittorio and we welcome you to Gelateria Vittorio in Marina di Camerota.

Vittorio's story is the story of a person who, with so much passion and tenacity, made a dream come true.

At the age of 17, he left Cilento to move to Pinerolo, in the province of Turin, where he began working in a historic family-run ice cream parlour. From the beginning the boy started making ice cream himself, which soon became a real passion for him. Here he learnt the art of ice cream making handed down from three generations and after 20 years of experience he returned to his land to undertake a new adventure and opened his own strictly artisan ice cream shop, and so the “Gelateria Vittorio” was born on the seafront of the enchanting Marina di Camerota (SA). 

Our products are made with a few genuine and genuine ingredients as the tradition of homemade ice cream teaches. High quality ingredients, well balanced recipes and the unmistakable taste of an artisan gelato made to perfection.

Homemade ice cream in Camerota Marina

The creaminess of ice cream as tradition teaches us

We are faithful interpreters of the Italian artisan gelato tradition. We do not use vegetable and hydrogenated fats but only fresh cream, seasonal fruit and no additives. Only in this way we are sure to offer you a quality artisan gelato that satisfies your palate. Our ice-creams are born from the desire to satisfy customers with new products, using healthy, nutritious, tasty and obtained with methods that do not impact on the environment. In every one of our ice-creams you will taste precious ingredients: fresh daily milk, fresh cream and any other raw material, IGP and DOP, which enhance our territory and the many regional excellences and make our ice-cream unique and irresistibly creamy. This philosophy allows us to create gluten free gelato offering everyone the chance to enjoy the pleasure of gelato.


Gelateria Vittorio: the homemade ice cream awarded by Eccellenze Italiane

Our ice cream is the fruit of passion, dedication and tradition. Through our creations we wish to promote the most valuable regional excellences by exalting their flavour notes and guaranteeing their genuineness. For this reason Gelateria Vittorio has proudly obtained the Eccellenze Italiane 2020-2021 brand.

Our special tastes

One of our goals is to enhance and create a special bond between the territory and the world of ice cream. We introduce you: CILENTO * MEDITERRANEAN * CAMPANIA FELIX

Campania Felix

Artisan ice cream based on buffalo ricotta cheese from Campania variegated with Vesuvian apricots and crispy hazelnut from Giffoni


Artisan ice-cream made with buffalo ricotta cheese variegated with orange and crunchy whole pistachios


Homemade almond ice cream variegated with Cilento figs and a hint of lemon